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Commercial Water Damage

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

drying carpet tiles '19 Drying carpet tiles at Jefferson Middle School.

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque received a call-in regard to a school that had a water damage a week before school was scheduled to start. The roof was in the process of getting fixed when a rainstorm hit the Albuquerque area. After arriving on site, we discovered that the job was quite big, and we had little equipment left due to the amount of water jobs that we had received from the storm event. We reached out to the Storm Event team to rent a truck of equipment.

After our inspection we had discovered the computer room was 100% saturated. The roofing company explained to us that they wanted to try and salvage the carpet. We pulled the carpet and placed the carpet tiles on the floor in the unaffected areas of the school to help dry down the carpet tiles as quickly as possible.

We were able to get the affected rooms dried down and get everything set back up just in time for school to start.

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque is always here to help, call us 24/7, 505-503-8627

We Are Always Ready!

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

One night, SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque received a call informing us that there had been a flood in a filming studio and they needed help drying everything. We immediately knew we were going to need to work quickly to help them get back into filming as quickly as possible. As soon as we arrived to the job we began to get to work and moving the set around to make sure that we got every piece dried up. We were very grateful to have been able to help them out and make sure there was nothing for them to worry about in a time of such panic. This picture shows how we separated the walls to make sure everything was in good conditions and dried.  

Disinfecting to Protect!

4/6/2020 (Permalink)

Technician making sure to disinfect the open areas Technician making sure to disinfect the open areas

DISH NETWORK took the proper precautions as a business during this pandemic. SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque was able to take care of sanitizing the office and work area for DISH NETWORK. We used a macromist to disinfect the air with a hospital grade disinfectant called SERVPROXIDE. We have been doing several businesses and locations for preventative measures during this time. This is just a precautionary measure that many business should consider for the safety of others. Our technicians are trained professionals who get the job done quickly and effective so that business can get back to their things in no time. We can also wipe down surfaces and sanitize the carpets by carpet cleaning for a more effective way of sanitizing any areas that could have been exposed. 

Taking Care of our Friendly Business Neighbors!

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technician misting dance mats SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque technician took care of misting with disinfectant SERVPRODIXE in a dance studio.

During the pandemic times we have taken a huge role within proactively disinfecting the air with our macromister which contains a hospital grade disinfectant which is called SERVPROXIDE. SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque technicians can preform a proactive cleanup that involves facility or structure cleaning. In this case, we were able to help out our friendly neighbors who own a dance studio. We sanitized the lobby area, dancing mats, and of course the dance area. This was done after the business was closed down, therefore when they are ready to go back into business it will be quick, easy and painless. Can I also say worry free? We have taken care of many businesses during this time to make sure we are contributing to keeping people safe.